ONTRAPages 3.0 - Get ready for the new ONTRAPORT Page builder

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ONTRAPages 3.0 Launching Today!

The ONTRAPORT Page builder (aka ONTRAPages) has always been a bit clunky when compared to LeadPages, InstaPages, Unbounce, and other drag & drop landing page builders. It's better categorized as a click and switch type of builder with limited flexibility. 

The new release today - September 4th, 2018 - will be a complete overhaul of what current customers are used to. As an ONTRAPORT Certified Consultant I've gotten sneak peak access at the new page builder itself... and wow!

It's definitely on par with Instapages and ClickFunnels - if not exceedingly better - we just need to get our hands on it. 

If you're a current customer of ONTRAPORT, please let us know how you like the page builder and drop a link to some pages you've designed with the new builder once it's out. 

So yes, you'll have exponentially more flexibility in how you customize your landing pages right in ONTRAPORT, but it doesn't mean that you'll become a designer overnight. If you've been playing around with the new builder for a while and you're still not getting the look and feel that's in your head, we've got you covered. Our designers on the Dream Team are fully equipped and masters and anything and everything having to do with drag & drop page design. And better yet, we are equipped at making sure that it smoothly integrates with your ONTRAPORT Campaigns and Sales Flows.

Reach out for a time to talk and we'll get you squared away with beautiful landing pages build in ONTRAPages 3.0. 


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