Make your Social Media Campaigns More Effective with Automation


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Social media is the key to customer engagement and relationship building. People spend more time online than ever before. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide the perfect platforms to reach out, attract leads, and create a funnel for sales and future actions. Despite the inherent power of these platforms, however, social media marketing can also be a great way to waste your time and energy. If you want to make your social campaigns more effective and efficient, automation is the key.

Social media marketing involves a combination of content creation, optimization, community engagement, and process automation. In order to attract new leads and convert leads into customers, you need to:

  • Find your market

  • Say something interesting

  • Develop relationships that endure over time

While creativity is still important, automation can help you spread the word and manage the processes that define your long-term success. 

Benefits of automation

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Automation allows you to synchronize your message, segment your market, and concentrate your energies on the creative and relational aspects of marketing. From the early days of planning your campaign through to its implementation and analysis, the entire life cycle of a social media campaign can be improved with automation:

  • Effective content and campaign planning

  • More effective time management

  • Sound strategy and timeline development

  • Access helpful statistics and analysis

Let's go through some of the key aspects of the social media marketing process in more detail.

Campaign and Content Management

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Automation tools can help you plan your social media campaigns more effectively. While a strong social presence can be great for your business, keeping up with multiple platforms, profiles, and products can also be a major chore. Social media management tools, like AgoraPulse, take the stress out of this process, with a single application able to condense your workload by managing all relevant platforms and profiles from a single location.

While it's more important than ever to create thoughtful content, this is only a small part of the marketing process. Automation tools help with scheduling, posting, and automated lead generation through a single integrated dashboard. Buffer and Hootsuite are two other popular campaign and content management tools for businesses worldwide.

For example, you can use a single social media management tool to schedule and post content, manage team access, and curate content across medial channels. While you can do many of these things directly through the social platform, having access to a single dashboard and timeline is incredibly powerful and should not be underestimated.

Community Engagement and Reaction

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Successful social media marketing is not just about content schedules and synchronized posts, it's also about creating conversations. Tools like AgoraPulse and ManyChat include conversation management tools that allow you to respond to comments and messages across platforms and profiles. Social media is a two-way street, with active involvement in your community an important part of success.

For example, say you have created a post or sequence of posts with a call to action through using a social media management platform. You can use these tools to respond and assign conversations to your team, and can also use ManyChat to reach customers directly via Facebook Messenger. The ability to create an ongoing conversation with your audience is incredibly powerful, especially when it stretches across timelines and between applications.

ManyChat can ask users for email and telephone contact information, which can be sent to other marketing automation platforms like ActiveCampaign and Ontraport. Automation tools aren't just a scheduling system, they can also be a powerful automated lead generation and sales tool.

Application Processing and Analysis

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Process automation is capable of improving workflows and functions across all aspects of your business. A wide variety of business processes can be automated, including marketing and sales. For example, having social media management & Messenger Marketing tools in place can help you to optimize your Facebook ads by redirecting your audience to landing pages or specific conversation flows within your marketing automation platform.

This is a powerful way to segment your market and connect people with promotional offers and discounts. By separating your customers and creating a funnel, you can use different automation tools at different times of the marketing cycle.

Statistics are a great way to gain valuable insights and make this process even more effective. Platforms such as AgoraPulse, Buffer, Hootsuite, and ManyChat are able to track followers, segment markets, measure engagement rates, and produce accurate reports.

Regardless of your products or services, Automated Dreams can help to make your social media campaigns more efficient and effective.