Facebook Disabled Group Chats on August 22, 2019 -- Here's an Alternative

Are you caught in a whirlwind with all of these Facebook Messenger changes in the past month? Me too.

Back at the end of 2018 Facebook had launched the ability to bring Messenger into Facebook Groups. This allowed for Group members to start group chats with up to 250 members and audio/video calls with up to 50 members.

And in a Facebook pull-the-rug-out-from-right-under-you kind of way, this feature was shut down officially as of August 22, 2019. 

Screenshot at авг. 26 19-25-25.png

Now, if you go into your Groups where admins had previously turned on this feature, you’ll see an image like the one above right at the top.

[Peeved Patty]: “Argh! I enjoyed this so much. You must mean that groups created on or after the 22nd can’t use this. I can still create Group Chats in my old Groups, right?”

[Me]: “No.”

[Taken-a-back Tyler]: “But, the Group Chats we did have open prior to the 22nd… we can still talk in those, right?”

[Me]: No.

[Boycott-Facebook Betsy]: “This is ridiculous! Can I at least SEE my old Group Chats?”

[Me]: …Yes, yes you can. From inside of Chats: www.facebook.com/messages - Go to the search bar on the top left. Then, enter the name of your group and click on the chat to open it. 

515353_Facebook Groups_2_082619.jpg

In all seriousness, if you were an avid user of this feature, I do feel your pain in the all of a sudden change that didn’t seem to be pre-announced anywhere. 

There is an alternative:

You can still use the existing Messenger feature to manually create your own Group Chat and select your friends.

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