ManyChat: Make Sure You’re Capturing Users' Email Addresses


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If you’ve experienced the true power of Facebook Messenger Marketing and came from a past in Email Marketing, you may never want to turn back. 80% average open rates (Bots) vs. 20% average open rates (Emails) almost speak for themselves. 

I’m with you, bots - in particular ManyChat-built Facebook Messenger Bots - are amazing and you should be implementing them more to dynamically personalize your customers’ journey. If you’ve already begun implementing bots, are you making it a top priority to collect your audience’s email addresses early on?

If you’re not, then you’re effectively putting all of your eggs in one marketing-channel basket - one that has no formal backup.

Let’s break it down: why gathering email addresses is still important 

#1. The 24 + 1 Rule

If you’re not familiar with this rule, read through our article breaking it down. 

If you are familiar with it, then you know that after you’ve exhausted that +1 message and a user hasn’t interacted with your bot, you’ve essentially lost your ability to message them without having to pay to re-engage. 

Compared to email addresses where you own your contact information, with Facebook Messenger subscriber lists, you’re only leasing the right to message them within a very clear set of boundaries. 

#2. Backup

527463_Cover image_2_090619.jpg

If anything happens to your Facebook Messenger privileges - e.g. Facebook decides to bring down the ban hammer and revoke you from being able to send out messages - you’re SOL. 

Yes, you can export your ManyChat subscriber list with user IDs. But, no, you can’t transfer them to a new third-party system like ChatFuel and begin messaging them again. 

And… let me stop you right there… NO, you can’t take the list and upload it to a new Facebook page and start sending to them

Once they pull the plug, and if you can’t repeal it, you’ve lost your marketing privileges to this list. 

But, if you have their emails and/or phone number, you still have the backup ability to market to them via email or SMS. And, were you to get a new Facebook page, you can use these forms of communication to try and get them to opt-in to that page’s Messenger list.

#3. Greater Marketing Opportunities

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If your line of business has a longer sales cycle, it may be a bit too optimistic to expect everyone to close a sale within that 24 + 1 window, or to keep re-opening that window with content. 

For example, if you’re in the insurance industry, you’re likely going to want to put them into your longer sales funnel and give them a call. 

If you don’t explicitly ask for this information inside of your Messenger flows, you won’t have it.

Regardless of industry, say you have a Messenger list of 100,000 and you have a new holiday special you want to announce to your list. Since this is a promotional message, you can only send it to people within that 24+1 window.

And lets say that you’ve not sent a message or had active flows for about a month. Chances are, if you’ve exhausted your +1 message, that 90%+ of your list will be unreachable by Messenger.

Hmm… what good is that now? You can pay to reach them, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could re-engage them on email or SMS and get them to re-opt in to Messenger to start that 24+1 window again?

#4. You Don’t Own Anything

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Okay, this is somewhat redundant with #2, but I thought I’d nail it in one last time, because it’s something that so many people have to be told over and over again. Usually, because it doesn’t make sense why.

Regardless of why that’s the case, it just is. You’re playing in Facebook’s marketing eco-system, and they have complete control over what you can send, how much, and to whom. And they can decide with a flip of the switch to turn you off.

Am I trying to scare you?

No, I’m just trying to be realistic here. At Automated Dreams, we’ve got a team of certified ManyChat Messenger Marketing Experts and we’re also a ManyChat Agency. Never have one of our clients been anywhere near having their messaging privileges revoked.

But, we’ve heard of stories of other companies working with self-proclaimed “experts” that were bringing some great results and got their privileges revoked out of the blue. 

However, when you look closer at the strategies they were using, it was clear that they were blatantly disregarding Facebook’s Terms of Service, and it was only a matter of time before they were going to put all of their client’s Messenger privileges in danger. 

If you need a second opinion on what you’re building inside of your ManyChat (or any other third-party, bot-building platform), we’d love to chat with you.