PODCAST: Using Automated Sales Tools to Book Qualified Appointments


The original blog post and podcast can be found here at Phonewagon.

In this podcast, I speak with the CEO of Phonewagon - Ryan Shank - about how we not only leverage the right tools and automation strategies for our clients, but how we use it internally to make life a whole of a lot easier.

Our partnerships and certifications with strong softwares allow us to best serve our clients, and make it easy for those looking for true experts to find us. If you have high quality lead sources that are driving traffic to you, there isn’t a whole lot of pre-qualification you have to do. However, we’ve still built systems to get people to where they need to be in an automated fashion and eliminate the need for manual follow up.

Think of how much time you could save if your pre-qualification process was fully automated and you let automation follow up for you on your behalf to make sure qualified prospects got on the phone!

Some of the tools mentioned in the podcast:

  • Ontraport - an all-in-one marketing system for SMEs; I’m also a certified consultant for them

  • ManyChat - our go-to Messenger marketing tool; we’ve got 3 certified experts in-house

  • Zapier - connects your business tools; we’ve got 2 certified experts in-house

  • Calendly & 10to8 - popular and integrate-able scheduling systems that allow you to automate your booking process like we have.

  • DesignPickle - unlimited quality graphic design on a shoestring budget; we’re a top level partner with them.

To view to full post with video and transcript go to Phonewagon’s blog.


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