Solopreneur Time Suck: Why You Should Almost Always Outsource Graphic Design

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When you’re an entrepreneur, you almost always start off being a solopreneur until you start to grow and either take on some contractors, employees, or outsource to keep growing. 

Having started that way myself, and having seen some patterns with other entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, I know that there are quite a few things that you’d wished you’d outsourced sooner rather than later. 

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If you’re like me, you may believe that “If I don’t do it, then it’s not going to get done right.” And you might have that same mindset even when it comes to something you’re not particularly good at. 

For me, that was graphic design, mostly the basic things like cover images, small icons, social media posts, presentation editing, etc. 

Don’t get me wrong, tools like Canva are great to have when you need to touch up or generate some quick images. But these tools gave me a false sense that it was alright to spend my time on these tasks while neglecting the tasks that could be developing my business.

So in the end, I created mediocre images, spent a lot of time making them, and presumably missed out on business development opportunities

Inexpensive, Quick, & High Quality Graphic Design

You were probably taught that those 3 things can’t co-exist—that, to have something be inexpensive and quick, you had to sacrifice quality. And so on.

Well, let me tell you… There are some exceptions, and one happens to be with Graphic Design. 

Even after we had gotten into some higher-level design work and brought on in-house designers, there were even quick tasks that were not the best use of their time; so, I was again faced with doing it myself or bringing on more help.

I’d heard about something 2-years ago, tried it out, and I’ve been a customer ever since.


Let me tell you about Design Pickle

Long story short: Unlimited graphic design on-demand.

Not a new business model, yet, they bring high quality designers, inexpensive pricing, and offer a quick turnaround on both of their plans.

The standard package offers you design with unlimited requests worked on in a queue by your designer. Often, their day starts as yours ends (so you’ll wake up with a handful of your designs ready to go).

If you don’t like what you get, you can request as many revisions as you’d like. 

If, for some reason, you’re not vibing with your assigned designer, you can get a new one reassigned the same day.

And no matter how much or how little you use them, your pricing stays the same. 

They’ll work on a large scope of design work, and will find photos for you if you don’t have them. 

The standard package is $399/mo.

Where can you find all of that for that price?

But I recommend the Pro plan…

We were on the standard plan for a little over a year, but we really started to pick up on tasks and kept piling on more and more. And some work was really time sensitive and/or required several revisions. 

Eventually we’d realized that we maxed out our designer really fast, and we were starting to wait longer overall for the completion of single designs (especially if we needed to ask for multiple revisions). Or, if it was a particular complex or vague description, our designer would have questions that we’d often not get to before they were off for the day. 

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The Pro plan assigns you a designer operating during US business hours and who’s connected to you via Slack so that you have real-time collaboration. You can add more details in whenever, and give feedback and receive a response almost immediately. Our designer, Ayen, responds freakishly fast whenever we ping him. 

You can request more advanced designs that you wouldn’t be able to with the standard plan - more advanced illustrations, GIFs, and slide docks. 

Most days we submit between 3 - 5 design requests and usually get them all back within a few hours. 

The Pro plan is only $995/mo. This may sound like a lot, but take a minute to think about it: You’re getting a FT designer (about 160 hours) for that price. Oh, and did I mention that all of their work has to be proofed and approved by an editor. You are getting access to that, too. 

And, if your designer has to take a vacation, or for some reason has to leave (yes, they are human too), you won’t notice any interruptions in your service. They’ll just match you up with another designer right away. 

If you’d like to try Design Pickle, you can click below to get 14-days free of either plan.

And once you sign up, you’ve got a 21-day 100% satisfaction guarantee from the company. 

We love Design Pickle so much that Automated Dreams decided to become a Black Level Certified Design Pickle Partner.



Have you worked with Design Pickle?

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