Integrating Your Scheduling System with ManyChat


Let’s face it, Internet marketing is difficult, and sometimes it can feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. The key is to find a new way of communicating with your audience.

You need an innovative tool that will integrate seamlessly with the apps you work with and give you the leg up on your competition while offering access to a marketing channel that isn’t over saturated — Enter ManyChat.

At Automated Dreams, we use a wide range of primary scheduling applications including:

All of these apps integrate nicely with ManyChat which makes automation quick and simple. This allows you to create bot replies that are targeted to your specific audience and customize them to particular situations.

Benefits of Integrating with ManyChat

ManyChat is a tool that allows you to build and utilize chatbots for Facebook Messenger and comes with a wealth of features for increasing customer engagement. Perhaps the best part is no coding is required.

One of the greatest benefits of ManyChat is how well it integrates with other applications so you can expand reach and produce more targeted results. Use its plethora of tools to drive more traffic to your website.

Connect to a third-party app to send data and trigger actions in another application. Your options are endless.

This allows you to take advantage of all ManyChat can do while using the features and capabilities of apps such as ScheduleOnce and Zoom Video Conferencing. It’s easy to connect ManyChat to other services and use your bot to cut your workload tremendously by automating a number of processes.

Integrating Apps

There are a number of ways app integration with ManyChat can be beneficial. Take Calendly for example. Through Zapier, you can connect this app with ManyChat with up to 14 integrations.

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Connecting Calendly with ManyChat is easy. It doesn’t require any coding and places a lot of power at your fingertips. Simply select a trigger, choose an action and connect.

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A few of the features include:

  • Invitee canceled – is triggered when an invitee cancels an event that has been scheduled

  • Subscribe user to sequence – subscribes a user to a particular sequence

  • Invitee created – Is triggered when an invitee schedules an event

  • Send text message to user – Sends a text to a specific user

  • New subscriber – Is triggered when a user subscribes on your page

ScheduleOnce is also easy to integrate with ManyChat. Like Calendly, it can be accomplished in a matter of minutes all without writing a single line of code.

You can connect ManyChat to ScheduleOnce through Zapier with up to 49 integrations possible. Simply select a trigger, choose and action and connect.

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Features include:

  • New or updated custom field – is triggered when a custom field is added or updated on a user

  • Subscribe user to sequence – Will subscribe a user to a sequence

  • New subscriber – is triggered whenever a user subscribes on your page

  • New tagged user – Is triggered when a new tag is added to a particular user

  • Completed booking – Is triggered once a booking has been completed after the time window has passed

Acuity also integrates quite nicely with ManyChat. The Acuity app can also connect easily with ManyChat without coding and boasts up to 50 integrations possible. As with the others, just select a trigger, choose an action and you’re ready to connect.


Features include:

  • Appointment rescheduled – Is triggered when an appointment is rescheduled

  • Add package code – Adds a package code as requested

  • Add coupon code – Is used to add a new coupon code

  • New product order – Is triggered whenever a new order has been completed

  • Add blocked off time – Allows you to block off a specific range of time on your schedule

Understanding Zapier

Think of Zapier as the glue that holds more than 1,000 apps together. Workflows called Zaps connect the apps so they can be used in conjunction with one another.

When an event occurs in one of the connected apps, the workflow is initiated. These are what are referred to as triggers. Zaps work in the background to automate your tasks, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of the business.


So just what does Zapier do? Zapier allows you to connect two or more apps for the purpose of automating tasks that will be repeated regularly. You’ll be able to easily move information between applications so you can place focus on priority tasks at any given time.

For example, connect Acuity Scheduling and ManyChat to sync your calendar. Triggers will keep you in-the-know when tasks such as new events, event cancellations or new subscriptions occur.

More Advanced Integrations

Zapier is great to quickly set-up integrations, but still you may be wanting to push through more information and find yourself up against the wall with ManyChat and Zapier.

Things that you may want to also do:

  1. Pre-fill booking forms with their name, email, phone number, and Facebook ID

  2. Send back your next 5 open calendar slots into a ManyChat message and have users book directly without ever leaving your bot.

  3. Can you think of anything else?

All of this can be done by utilizing ManyChat’s extensive External Request tool and your respective scheduling system’s API.

We recommend contacting your web developer, or if you’re particularly tech savvy in this area, to go about this type of integration work.

Either way, your integration possibilities with ManyChat are wide open. Make your job easier and reduce the friction points in your customer journey with these new possibilities.

About Automated Dreams

Here at Automated Dreams, we believe all entrepreneurs can grow with ease when given the right tools. Based in Portland, Oregon, we specialize in visualizing and mapping your customer journey then helping you make it better and stronger with the right tools.

We are certified ManyChat Messenger Marketing Experts with the skills and experienced to help you grow your business. We’re also a ManyChat Agency Partner & Zapier Certified Experts who can show you how to automate many aspects of your business so you can get more done in a day.

If you’re wanting to do something a little more fancy with your integrations, we can do that too through webhooks and API integrations.

Contact us to find out more about the services we offer and let us help your business grow.



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