Our Core Services


Run your business, don't let it run you.

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Business System Consulting

You want to focus on your business and let your systems do the work for you.

We don't believe in treating the symptoms of business problems, but take a holistic approach and look at your business as a whole--your processes, systems, marketing, and just about everything else. Our Business Systems Consulting Team will help you visualize the business you truly want and map out how to get there:

  • Through business process optimization and mapping, we'll draw out a strategy to turn your systems into a coherent whole.

  • We'll implement that strategy with automated tools, systems, and marketing stacks that help you grow.

  • When we ditch the cobbled-together approach for a streamlined, scalable business system, you can push busywork out of the way so that you can do more of the tasks that help you grow.

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CRM & Funnel Strategy

We combine world-class CRM platforms and marketing automation tools to show how your products and services can solve your customers’ problems.

To do so, we open up the lines of conversation through informative content, targeted communications, and personalized messaging. With this strategy, you’ll capture their attention and their business with just the right word at the right time.

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Facebook Messenger Marketing

With a talented team of in-house chatbot experts, we take your customers on a buyers’ journey like none other.

Personalized touches on one of the world’s most-used messaging platforms meet customers’ needs and answer their questions. Helping your customers conquer their challenges through these powerful chatbots transforms more of them into not only customers—but, more importantly—brand evangelists for your business!

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Custom Development

Website development is just the beginning…At Automated Dreams, we do back-end integration and API development like none other.

To really bring in the revenue, you need to go behind the scenes with back-end integration and APIs. To stay ahead of the field, your website needs to connect all its various parts--such as booking systems, payment gateways, your online store, accounting systems, and of course, your static pages--like your homepage.

And, just as importantly—you need to provide users access to databases—like your available products & third-party payment processors. APIs do that, and they do it seamlessly.