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Measurable Results

We don’t do tech for tech’s sake. We do it for your business’s sake. Yes, we have some of the best automation experts in the world on our team. But we don’t dazzle you with some shiny, powerful new toy to play with.

We produce tools and strategies that we custom-tailor to your business. With those tools and strategies, we optimize your time and processes, leaving you with only one direction to go. Up.



Automation is the Future of Business—and We’re the Future of Automation

Automation—especially through personalized communication at scale—is crucial for today’s success. These days, automation is no longer a competitive advantage--it's a necessity. If you don't utilize automation, you'll fall behind your competitors. 

We live and breathe automation—how to streamline processes, developing more efficient processes, and learning even more about leading-edge developments in the field. We're certified by the industry's top names--and we're at the forefront of innovation.



A Comprehensive Grasp of Business

We’re not only techies. We’ve studied every aspect of business—from sales to marketing and more. We know how to make your business a success—and we’ve done so for a whole lot of satisfied customers.

At Automated Dreams, we have a "We can do that, too!" spirit backed by a comprehensive services list, including CRM automation, sales funnel creation, bot strategy and integration, custom website and landing page design, Facebook Messenger marketing, custom API integrations, and so much more.

Don’t take our word for it.

The companies behind our cutting-edge automation tools say so.


Yes, we can help your business grow through world-class business automation—because we’re certified.


It’s not who we are…

…but how we’ve helped businesses just like yours to grow beyond their wildest dreams.


Here are some of their stories:

Vince De Benedetto truly walks his talk and is an astute, detail-oriented business person in every sense of the word. He and his team are on the cutting edge of social media, online tech, and son, and ever-educating themselves about new developments and opportunities, but they are also well steeped in the tried-and-true arts of sales and marketing. If you have the chance to work with him and his team, take it.
— Dr. Ben Reebs, ND - Portland Clinic of Natural Health
Automated Dreams is a crucial part of my business. I can not express what a pleasure it is to work with Vince and his team. They are professional, great communicators, and highly knowledgeable. Every time I request anything from them they blow me away. Basically, they consistently exceed expectations. I am looking forward to working with them for many years.
— Sourena Vasseghi - Award Winning Speaker & Author -
Vince and his team are top notch. They are problem solvers, visionaries, and just plain fun. When we pitched the idea of Mama June’s House to Vince he was able to take our dream and make it a reality with his wisdom, knowledge and tech skills . We are so happy with our end product. If you want to see his work check out
— June Fellhauer - Mama June's House


The value automation brings to Business—priceless.


With automation, your business will get more value out of every dollar when you’re able to:


Track your prospects and customers through their whole life cycle--allowing you to easily tailor their buyer's journey and consistently provide personalized value.

Create reliable and scalable processes that strengthen your business’ foundation, allowing you to build your business faster.

Respond dynamically to the right person at the right time with the right message.

Provide consistent brand value and build customer trust with dependable processes and services.

Allow yourself to work ON your business (rather than in it).

Require less of your talent's focus on mundane, yet important tasks--empowering your company and your team to shine as the experts you are.

Reduce customer complaints and roadblocks.

Provide consistent brand value and build customer trust with dependable processes and services.



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